Frequently Asked Questions

1Q : On the rear outer xj unibody stiffiners what is the body mount option?

1A: In 91 jeep added a brace from the rear seat to the unibody the option is with or without the notch to accommodate for the extra brace

2Q: Do we take credit card or just paypal?

2A: Yes we do, we just do all of our processing threw paypal for security reasons. on the right side of the screen there is a option to use a card.

3Q: What is cold rolled steel?

3A: Cold rolled steel is further refined than standard plate steel gaining about 30% extra strength

4Q: Why cant I choose a shipping option?

4A: we probably don’t have shipping options setup on the website yet, we are working on it, we are sorry for the inconvenience please e-mail us and we will get you a shipping quote. tandmfab@gmail.com